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Neuroscience Coach & Leadership Training Institute
An 8-Week Accredited
 Applied Neuroscience Certification Program to Build Elite Minds
With Today's State of Affairs, Dynamic Coaching & Leadership Strategies are Crucial 
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Having access to life-transforming
neuroscience techniques allows you to:

Quench your curiosity thirst for how the brain really works for managing emotions, handling stress, and influencing your actions. It is literally the epicenter of your life and ...let's face it, it's fascinating 
Stand out in a sea of coaches & leaders when high end clients and organizations are looking to hire
Create such impactful transformations for your clients that they will be recommending you to everyone they know
Command higher fees for your work and get better results in a shorter time
Finally build a meaningful & profitable business when you apply neuroscience to your marketing
Stop feeling like an imposter and have confidence knowing you have the skills to make a real difference & fulfill your purpose in life
Hi, I'm Shonté Taylor


As a UCLA trained Neuroscientist with over 15 years of graduate level brain research and industrial and organizational training, I specialize in training coaches & leaders to use neuroscience in their work. Based on my years of clinical and real-world professional coaching practices, I created the OptiMind Institute so you can leverage the advance knowledge of the brain.

The research on neuroscience is exploding and reveals that we can do so much more with our mental abilities than we ever imagined. Current brain research goes beyond dementia and brain injuries. We now understand that the brain can be enhanced to fuel our beautiful emotions, decision-making, creativity and ability to be laser-focused to thrive in modern times.

But here's the problem...the research is coming out FASTER than scientists can give to the public in an applicable way. These neuroscience BREAKTHROUGHS are buried in obscure scientific journals that 99% of everyday people will never read (or know exists).

Luckily for you, my team of neuroscientists and I have combed through the research and have distilled and simplified what you need to know to apply power packed strategies into your everyday life and give your clients and teams the scientific power to reach their human potential.

You can become a certified NeuroCoach and NeuroLeader and optimize emotional intelligence, brain health, productivity, memory, relationships and so much more in
only 8-weeks! 

Gain exclusive access to the most advanced brain-based personal and professional development strategies on the planet
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OptiMind is an ICF accredited program designed specifically for novice or reputable coaches, trainers and leaders to show you how to effectively utilize the principles of neuroscience to help your clients, your profession and your business more than ever before.  

What you will learn in OPTIMIND

Foundation of the Brain
  • The real measurable science behind the strategies you will learn throughout the program

  • Basic brain anatomy and functions of the prefrontal cortex, limbic brain, cerebellum, and brain stem functions as well as brain research techniques

  • Neuroplasticity (the brain's ability to increase and grow new branching)

  • All broken down to what you need to know to assist you as a coach & leader 

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Managing the Emotional Brain
  • How emotions drive our behaviors and thoughts, so that your clients can have a better quality of life.

  • How emotions both fuel and detract decision-making abilities, focus, relationships and intuition

  • Use emotions to heighten awareness and your coaching and leadership abilities so that you can be more effective when working with clients or your workforce

  • How strategies such as mindfulness, meditation, journaling, gratitude, reframing, etc. changes the brain for emotional well-being and brain-centeredness.

  • How to operate from a centered brain so you and those you influence can develop resilience to ongoing challenges
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Your Brain in Personal Life
  • How to manage your inner (brain) world so you can be aware of how you handle your outer world and relationships, manage stress and increase productivity

  • How sleep, food, body rhythms/cycles, gut (also known as our second brain) and physical exercise drives the brain's performance
  • The neuroscience of the different
    levels/types and impact of grief and trauma on the brain as well as self esteem, imposter syndrome, authenticity and confidence

  • The developmental stages of the infant, child and teenage brain to shape their emotional and intellectual well-being so that you can help clients understand their children and be more effective parents and educators
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Your Professional Brain
  • Apply neuroscience to your professional development, teams and colleagues to optimize performance

  • Self regulation of the leadership brain to increase your levels of emotional and social intelligence

  • Optimize brain capacity for higher level thinking, learning, planning, focus, decision-making, empathy & compassion

  • The neuroscience of engagement, motivation, project management and communication in the workplace

  • Strategies to reduce unconscious bias and foster inclusion and diversity

  • Key differences between the female and male brain so you can work with and enhance the strengths of each

  • The neuroscience of the power of teams and employee success for sustainable outcomes
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Business, Finances & Entrepreneurship
  • Use neuroscience to amplify your Business & Financial Decision-Making

  • Understand how unconscious triggers and storytelling for marketing is crucial to connecting with your potential clients and customers in a deeper way

  • The neuroscience of fear, rejection, success, taking risks, and overcoming resistance to try new opportunities

  • 10 mindset shifts your clients MUST make as they transition into entrepreneurship successfully

  • Scientific reviews of the neurotechnologies and brain apps available to sharpen and invigorate the brain and mind
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Creativity & The Brain
  • Harness the right brains' potential by learning over 25 brain strategies to invoke creativity, ideas, FLOW and insights

  • How to use these strategies for your clients, children, teams, and for your own creative potential

  • The neuroscience of poetry – understand how the power of the metaphor, symbolism and simile will expand the right brain's creative power

  • The neuroscience of intuition and how to sharpen your intuitive senses especially when working with other
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The Brain on Love & Relationships
  • The different brain stages of love (beginning, middle and long-term relationships) so that you can help your clients better navigate, understand and fully enjoy their relationship experiences

  • The brain neurochemicals involved in the stages of love and how they interact to enhance the emotions of love, as well as bonding and trust to deepen our relationships

  • How to build trust in co-working relationships using the principles of the unconscious and the social brain networks to enhance team leadership and colleague interactions
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The Brain & Spirituality
  • The brain science supports universal principles of thinking outside of ourselves and believing in a GREATER power and UNIVERSE

  • How the brain changes and thrives at a cellular level when we have gratitude, morality, charity, altruism, rituals & compassion so your clients can have a higher level of transformation of their human experience

  • The brain science behind ancient spiritual practices such as prayer, meditation, faith and fasting so you and your clients can finally believe in and personalize these practices
Meet Your NeuroProfessors
Shonté Jovan Taylor Msc
Neuroscientist, Mindset Success Catalyst, OptiMind Institute Founder
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Earned degrees and training in Neuroscience (UCLA), and Biology as well as graduate training in Clinical Neuropsychology and Organizational & Industrial Psychology. With 15 years of brain research, success training, leadership development, and coaching, she empowers coaches, leaders & modern thinkers with the knowledge of the brain, mind and applied neuroscience to optimize relationships, focus, stress emotional management, self-image, workforce engagement, productivity, health, creativity & professional endeavors.  
Dr. Ryeal Simms
Cognitive Neuropsychologist & Body Language Expert, & Relationship Scientist
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The leading authority on the neuroscience of relationships worldwide. He shares his 20+ years of expertise on how to MASTER YOUR BRAIN and BODY LANGUAGE to deepen your personal and professional relationships and help your clients and teams to do the same. By analyzing the neuroscience of love, we can dissect why we do what we do from an eco-bio-psycho-social-spiritual point of view.
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Dr. Lindsey Berksen
Integrative Nutritional/Gastrointestinal Endocrine Specialist, Brain & Body Hormone Expert
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Since the early 1980’s has been recognized as one of the pioneers of functional medicine. Berkson knows how to connect-the-dots of cutting edge research and has a large background of personal clinical experience. She is a thought leader in nutritional protocols, nutritional endocrinology and optimal brain & body hormonal signaling.
You Also Get
e-mail support and office hours 4 times a year!

In addition to the 8 Week program you also get LIFETIME email support from the OptiMind team and office hours even beyond your certification.

We want to fully support you in the future as you grow into the leader you're meant to be.

You also get support in the Private Facebook Group.

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EXTRA Neuroscience Trainings

In Addition To 8 Weeks of Training You Will Also Have Access to Special Trainings On:

  • Neuroscience of Speaking/Presentations
  • Neuromarketing
  • Neuroscience of Social Media
  • Neuroscience of Networking       
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Choose Your Speciality

In Addition To Becoming A Certified NeuroCoach & NeuroLeader, You Can Choose Your Specialization in:

  •  NeuroRelationships     
  •  NeuroHealth     
  •  NeuroEducation or NeuroTrainer
  •  NeuroEntrepreneurship   
  •  NeuroSpirituality  
  •  Brain-Body Peak Performance
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 Certification Plaque

Earn the title of Certified NeuroCoach & NeuroLeader and get a digital Certification!

Is OPTIMIND for you?
This IS for you if you:
  • Are a Life, Wellness, Business or Executive Coach, Thought Leader, Executive, CEO, Professional, Human Resource Executive , Social Worker, Corporate Trainer, Psychologist, Therapist, & Educator, Meditation & Mindfulness Trainer or other leader or educator

  • Are FASCINATED by neuroscience and want to learn to it apply it practically

  • Want advanced tools that will provide a 360-degree approach to advancing your life & profession as well serving your clients and organizations

  • Want to improve your confidence levels when suggesting coaching and workforce strategies.

  • Want to increase and validate your credibility as a coach or wellness professional

  • Want to stand out and be in the TOP 1% of leaders, educators and coaches in your industry

  • Have been looking for the next professional development program and need continuing education credits or professional development units to enhance or renew your credentials and want an accredited, certification level training program 
This IS NOT for you if you:
  • Have no desire to understand your brain and mind to optimize your life

  • Don’t need modern tools in modern times to propel your life or those you serve

  • Have 4-7 years to go back to college and earn a neuroscience degree

  • Have $100K and an extra 10,000 hours to learn, research and simplify neuroscience into applicable use

  • Prefer to Google what you need when you need it instead of having the structure of a program and proven framework to reach transformational success faster

  • Have spare time to sift through a bajillion websites and put ALL the ideas of neuroscience best practices together yourself

  • Would rather join another course that takes 6-12 months instead of 8 weeks, has no LIVE aspect, no business building training, and gives you no ongoing support, or direct access to the founder and professors 

Ready to Join the Top 1% of Coaches, Leaders, Trainers & Speakers?

Here's what you get when you enroll in OPTIMIND:

🧠  Each week for 8 weeks, you'll gain access to core trainings via video presentations and downloadable summary notes 

🧠 12X a year Q+A with your NeuroProfessors & get LIFETIME e-mail support.

🧠 Client assessment templates and nutritional guides for brain health

🧠  Exclusive interviews from world experts in brain & mind potential AND extra neuroscience trainings on specific topics

🧠  Training and assignments on mastering article review, research and understanding

🧠 The opportunity to choose a specialization in your field

🧠 Earn the title of Certified NeuroCoach, NeuroLeader and DIGITAL certification

TUITION $15,000 (value) $6,500
What Students Say About OPTIMIND
"As an OptiMind student, I was able to take the leap to host my first workshop and used the neuroscience route to explain some things about stress, habits, and other things related to daily life. Yay! One of the favorite things from the ladies that attended the workshop was me explaining how the brain works in some of our daily lives and goals etc...
I had a survey sheet and the brain talk was a winner. My ICA's are smart! Ha!"

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Joselyn Martinez
Actress & Women Workshop Facilitator
"Shonté will guide you through the formerly secretive world of neuroscience. This course has dramatically improved my productivity and how I transform my clients personally and professionally. I'd highly recommend OptiMind Coaching to anyone who seeks to fiercely unlock their coaching potential to better serve their clients."
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Meredith Kerekes
MBA Executive Coach
"With what we know about the brain and neuroscience changing at a breathtaking pace, neuroscience is receiving increased attention within the worksite wellness and behavior change literature and communities. Recognizing this, I knew I needed to up my knowledge and skills related to neuroscience. I particularly liked that the program was a certification program and not just another course or training to attend. The program has certainly met my expectations. "
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William McPeck
Wellness Program Trainer
"After taking the course I was able to explain to my clients why my coaching methods work at a deeper brain and psychological level. Clients appreciate knowing the "why" as creates success brain habits and overall wellbeing. As a result, I've gained MORE clients. I also gained more respect amongst my peers. No longer do nurses and doctors speak over my head. Nurses now come to me for coaching and neuroscience explanations."
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Herbert Gooden
NeuroCoach For Burnt Out Medical Professionals
"The Optimind Neuroscience course was AMAZING and has changed my life. The strategies taught are relatable and easy to apply. Clients of mine have benefitted from learning how their brain works in certain situations. Studying your course has been a joy and I love the anticipation of new learning with each module!"
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Naiyer Qureshi
NeuroLeadership Coach
Watch The Masterclass:
"5 Neuroscience Shifts To Upgrade Your Coaching Skills, Expertise & Bottom Line"
A few more words from OptiMind clients...
Answers to Your Questions

As soon as you make the investment! You have lifetime access to the current year trainings.

Each week's video trainings run about 2-3 hours and are broken up into 5-15 minute lessons.

We don’t offer scholarships or discounts. All of our students invest the same amount for Certification.

The group rate is for organizations, employees, and entrepreneurial teams to go through the neuroscience learning journey together to advance their creativity, productivity, communication, presentations, nutrition, habits, engagement, leadership, innovation, focus and overall human potential. Email us at [email protected] for group rates.

We are offering 24 CEUs International Coaching Federation (ICF) continuing education credits for the ONCTI program. Our curriculum is carefully aligned with the standards of the International Coach Federation (ICF) and successful completion of the program will lead to your designation as a Certified NeuroCoach & NeuroLeader.

There is an initial desire and FASCINATION to develop a more modern brain and mind. Your commitment to learning will be the difference between succeeding in the course to serve at a higher level or staying at your current level of knowledge. We encourage classroom participation, questions, and application of what you learn in your personal and professional realms to ensure optimal learning.

Become the leader & coach the world needs now! See You Inside.

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